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Designer Wedding Invitations Available in Melbourne, Sydney & Wider Australia

Finding your ideal wedding invites in stores can take a lot of work. Whether it is due to little variety, inferior materials, or a slew of uninspiring designs, there may not be any that catch your eye or stand out from the rest.

Therefore, working with a designer like Ivory & Ink will give you the best chance to create your dream wedding invites.

Not only will you enjoy complete control over every element of your wedding invitations and stationery, but you will have the time and confidence to guarantee that even the tiniest detail is exactly right.

Reasons Why Elegant Wedding Invitations Are Still Important

Planning a wedding is never easy. To make things feel simpler, some brides and grooms are beginning to forgo traditional elements, sometimes including printed invites.

But there are so many reasons why elegant, designer wedding invitations remain special in so many people’s wedding preparations, including:

  • Creating excitement and building anticipation through each design
  • Setting the tone and style of weddings held across Sydney, Melbourne and wider Australia
  • Reflecting who you are as a couple through stylish wedding invitation packages
  • Highlighting the importance of the wedding and the commitment taking place
  • Creating a valuable keepsake for friends and family to cherish
  • Providing essential information in an eye-catching way

So, if you are excited to explore elegant wedding invitation packages and create your customised design in Melbourne, Sydney, or wider Australia, Ivory & Ink are ready to help.

Explore Customisable Wedding Invitation Packages

The Ivory & Ink collection is full of elegant and timeless creations that ensure your wedding invites are the talk of the town, from Melbourne to Sydney to Perth.

From our AMY Invitation Suite to our Melissa Suite selection, you can experience customisable, quality designs that will enhance any wedding celebration.

 I am fully aware of how difficult it can be to find and order wedding invites online in Australia, which is why we strive to ensure you are fully confident in your choices at Ivory & Ink.

Enter our Sample Pack selection.

By experimenting with samples in the early stages of your wedding planning, you can see and feel your theme and materials in person before committing to an order.
Once you have chosen your preferred styles, these wedding packages include two rounds of digital artwork proofs so you can have final approval over your completed design.

Indeed, finding the perfect elegant wedding design to best celebrate you and your partner is at your fingertips!

Learn More About Wedding Invitations in Melbourne, Sydney & Wider Australia

I am currently based in the Mornington Peninsula, so if you are a Melbourne local, I am ready to become your go-to wedding stationery designer! I also work online, supplying wedding invitations and other stationery to places like Sydney, wider Australia, and even worldwide.

To learn more about my designer invitation packages and stationery collections, get in touch today at or submit an online contact form.