How to create your wedding guest list

Creating your guest list is arguably one of the most difficult parts of planning a wedding. Are allowing your parents and in-laws to invite people? Will it be a kid-free event? Will your guests get plus ones?

Cutting down your guest list to a reasonable (and affordable) number without causing drama can seem like an impossible task, but here's some ideas to keep it as straightforward as possible”

  1. Be consistent. Setting an age limit (16 and over for example) or a rule for plus ones (only couples who’ve been together 6+ months)? Then make sure to stay strong and stick to it, politely explaining to guests that’s the policy you’ve agreed on.
  2. Haven’t spoken to someone in 3 years and neither of you are related to them? Cut them.
  3. If you don’t have room for co-workers on your guest list, plan an after work drinks celebration before the big day instead!

Most importantly, remember that it’s YOUR day, so only invite people that you genuinely want to share your special day with!

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