Hi, I'm Kath!

I’m excited to be connecting with you to work on your project and here’s why…
Ivory & Ink Weddings was born out of a true passion for design & print. I am drawn towards the magic that design and print can have on any event. Whether it be your wedding day, engagement or birthday celebration, it’s these moments that count in life and I have made it my mission to create something really special for you.

Ivory & Ink Weddings isn’t just another item to check off the list. It’s an experience that will add to the joy of your big day! Ivory & Ink Weddings creates out of our Home Studio in Frankston South and ships worldwide.

My services are available Australia wide, My online or phone consultations provide a much-needed balance of excitement and clarity to your event planning.

Custom Designs, for a Magical Outcome.

People who have been planning their day since they were 5, I’m here for you!​ ​Scrolling on Pinterest and creating that perfect design in your head? I am ready​ ​to make that design a reality! After creating my own wedding invitations, customised to my exact thoughts on font, style and paper, I decided to do it for others. After years of experience and an extensive portfolio, I am absolutely​ ​certain I can make your dreams a reality. Now, I live for that WOW factor. That​ ​moment when a client sees their design for the first time knowing that they are​ ​one step closer to their dream day.

A little about me...

I’ve left this bit til’ last because it's really all about you! But if you’re still here,
sussing me out, then I’m ready to give you the answers you’re seeking!

So, here’s my little story…

I am a Mum to two crazy boys! I have been working for myself for years, with the former name ‘Design Mummy’. My passion for design led me to expanding and creating something that reflected something more unique to me.

Ivory & Ink Weddings was born from the idea that ‘a design can be anything you can imagine’. This thought has always been my inspiration. All it takes is a blank canvas and some ink, for magic to be made.

To work with an extensive range of clients has been a humbling experience. I look forward to bringing forward that experience to our project to create something truly extraordinary…

Feel free to get in touch in whichever way you please – contact by phone, email or social media. I can’t wait to connect with you!

The Studio

I work from my home studio on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

My working days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.