Proposal Gifts

Treat your wedding party to the personalised gift they deserve! Ivory & Ink Stationery has compiled a range of specialised cards and stickers that will lead to the special moments before and after your wedding day. Our Wedding Party Proposal Packs take these moments to the next level, where your future bridesmaids and groomsmen will jump with joy and celebrate being a part of the wedding tribe!

We have various size stickers in each pack to fit seamlessly onto either a bottle of wine or a candle. You can also use your imagination and fit these stickers onto whatever you wish. You know your Wedding Tribe better than anyone, we are just here to help you deliver the message!

Our cards are made from high-quality paper, and you can choose from unique Letterpress Note Cards, luxurious Foil Note Cards or Professionally Printed Cards. You can also add your touch by choosing the colour of the envelopes, to match your personal style and wedding day!