Save the Date Etiquette: Helpful Tips & Advice

If you have spent hours searching wedding fonts and free save-the-date templates online, odds are you have settled on the time-honoured tradition of sending reservation cards to those on your guest list. 

While it is only sometimes considered an essential part of your wedding stationery, save-the-dates are an elegant, courteous and fun way to make your friends and family feel included in your celebrations from the beginning. 

At Ivory and Ink Weddings, we believe these cards are crucial to what is known as “save-the-date etiquette”. So, here are some helpful tips and advice to help you incorporate save-the-date etiquette into your wedding planning.


What are Save-the-Dates Cards & Why Should You Send Them to Your Guest List?

Think of save-the-date cards as your official announcement that you are getting married on your chosen day at your special location. Decorated with beautiful designs and wedding fonts, these date cards give your guests the opportunity to celebrate with you and hold the date so they can attend your nuptials while awaiting further information that comes with a more detailed invitation. These templates allow you to practice good wedding etiquette throughout your wedding journey. 


When to Send Save the Dates

Some couples refrain from sending save-the-date cards or templates for their wedding. Still, it is generally considered best practice and good wedding etiquette, as these helpful designs allow your friends and family to plan and send their RSVP responses. This is particularly true if you are planning a destination wedding or one that involves travel or more significant expenses for those attending, as they may need more time to organise details like accommodation and other arrangements. 

Organising templates and sending your save-the-date cards four to six months before the wedding gives those on your guest list ample time to plan and increases the likelihood that they will all be able to attend. 


Who is on Your Guest List for Save the Dates?

You should only send save-the-date cards to those on your guest list whom you plan to invite to the wedding. If you have sent out extra cards before confirming your guest list, you may face an uncomfortable situation in the future when it comes to uninviting people. 

Also, even if you have received RSVP responses and confirmation of a person’s attendance, such as immediate family members or the bridal party, sending them a save-the-date is still considered good etiquette. 


What Information is Included Within Save the Date Designs? 

While save-the-date cards are less detailed than the final invitations, providing enough information to help guests plan ahead is considered good etiquette. This could include the wedding date and location in your choice of wedding fonts, information for RSVP responses, or even the link to your wedding website (if you have one), where additional information can be found if needed. 


How to Organise Your RSVP Responses 

Sending your save-the-date cards with plenty of time leading up to your wedding helps to increase the chances that more people on your guest list will be able to RSVP and join you on your special day. That said, you must also establish an efficient system to organise your RSVP responses. Be sure to keep them in a safe and accessible location to help you inform the issue of your official wedding invitations. 


Share a Glimpse of the Tone of Your Wedding with Templates, Fonts & Designs 

Sharing save-the-date cards with your guest list allow those attending to get a feel of the vibe of your upcoming celebration. If you are planning a more formal wedding, printed cards with classic designs and templates with stylish wedding fonts will help guests feel in tune with your wishes and the overall aesthetic you hope to achieve. 


Explore Stunning Save the Date Cards with Ivory & Ink Weddings 

At Ivory & Ink Weddings, we are excited to help you find the perfect save-the-date designs to begin celebrating your big day and collect RSVP responses. With a selection of wedding fonts, designs, packages, and more available, we provide unique and stunning creations to tie directly into your preferred aesthetic. You can explore customised save-the-date cards that will ensure you achieve the wedding vibe of your dreams, all while leaving a lasting impression on your guests. 

You can contact us directly to learn more or request a sample pack of your chosen themes and fonts to experience our beautiful designs in person. Get in touch with us today at or submit an online contact form, and we will be in touch as soon as possible to begin the designs for your save-the-date templates. 

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